Youth Arts Classes

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Ages 12 & Up
July 23 - July 27 9:30 - 3:00

If youve ever wanted to make your own movie, than the Digital Video Production Camp is for you! It is a 5 day, comprehensive learning experience designed for young people to gain the skills needed to make fun and entertaining movies. We will learn to write engaging stories, shoot cool video, edit it together, and even learn some basic special fx. Participants will leave with a copy of the movie that they helped create!
Instructor: Timothy Ingold

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Teens/Young Adults Creative Space
Fridays 2 pm starting August
Get involved: Get Creative

Capabilities in media production, audio and video recording and editing, 2D and 3D design and modeling, digital art including painting, manga, anime and animation
Create videos, do podcasts, photography and editing and show your work online, in Studio 128 showcases and/or on the big screen in the Theater

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Open Tech Lab for Teens/Young Adults
4th Saturday 9:30am-3pm starting Aug 25
Our Project or Yours: Expert Help

smARTMAKER LAB is your place for everything tech – coding, electronics, 3D design, assembly or ???
These are the coolest projects – from robots to wearable art – flex your tech muscles.

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